Stand Effortlessly All Day in ANY Shoe

Rediscover The Blessing of Pain-Free Feet

Don’t let nagging foot pain and plantar fasciitis better you! ORTOLEICHT insoles were designed with the modern worker in mind, and to provide instant relief for comfortable, productive, and painless shifts every time.

Timothy Kernell


I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last fall, which was making the long days standing at the gas station impossible to bear. XSTANCE are the only insoles that quickly dissolve my pain, and dare I say put a spring back in my step.

Jennifer Grey

“As an E.R nurse it’s been stressful trying to find shoes to make the long shifts bearable. I slip these insoles into my work shoes and keep another pair in my trainers. And my god it is blissful. I’m waaaay less cranky at work now too. XSTANCE, my coworkers should be thanking you!!”

Steve Murdoch

“When I say XSTANCE are like standing on marshmallows, I mean it. These actually came recommended by my physician. I slip them into my construction boots and they’ve been an absolute blessing for those 12-hour workdays. Look no further”

Foot Comfort Beyond Compare

Designed for healing painful feet caused by plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, flat feet or heel spurs.

Actively Prevents Health Problems

Reduce the impact that prolonged, unsupported standing has on your feet, posture, and joints.

It's Time For a Biology Lesson (ish)

Your plantar fascia – the thick ligament – that supports the arch of your foot is prone to inflammation. And because it absorbs shock while walking, painful micro-tears easily occur in the tissue.

Which means it’s only one step away from pain that limits your daily movement.

But it doesn’t end here. Most “solutions”’ on the market don’t take the entire health of the foot into consideration. This can lead to skeletal imbalances, trapped nerves, and mild deformities in some cases.

XSTANCE is a highly effective therapy that soothes pain and treats your feet before it starts to increase health risks in other areas.

Penguins Aren't The Only Ones with Happy Feet

The human foot is a complex mesh of joints, muscles, and ligaments. So we made sure that XSTANCE insoles create a therapeutic environment for all of these.

Your arch stays supported, your heel and metatarsal stays cushioned, and impact from walking is absorbed with every step. Instant alleviation of sore feet, arches, and heels from the moment you slip them in.

Our Proprietary InSole Tech

Shock absorption

Arch support

Metatarsal support

Heel cradle

Why choose XSTANCE Insole?

Here’s what happens when you buy cheap insoles.

You put them on and at first, they feel great!

But because they’re made with cost in mind, they can’t provide proper support and alignment. This means they won’t fix the core of foot pain. Which can lead to further spending on doctor visits, painkillers, cortisone shots, and even surgery.

XSTANCE insoles are made with quality in mind, provide necessary alignment and cushioning to support your entire body weight.

Now we won’t deny the absolute best option may be custom orthotics, but these can cost $600 and above. XSTANCE insoles might be just as effective, if not more, and 93% cheaper!

Depending on use, our insoles can last up to 24 months. Let’s say yours last 1 year. That works out to just $0.03 cents a day for pain-free feet!

Or roughly 11 cups of Starbucks coffee ☕

Our insoles also prolong the lifespan of your shoes too. No need to pay through the nose for custom orthotics when you can make your own with your favorite shoes!

Why choose XSTANCE Insole?

XSTANCE Insole Difference

✅ Engineered for workers who stand for hours

✅ Soothes feet from pains caused by longer standing

✅ Made for use in any work shoe or boot

✅ Manufactured to withstand use on hard and rugged surfaces

✅ Affordable and highly effective

Most Other Insoles

❌ Not designed with shift workers in mind

❌ Less effective for longer-standing periods

❌ Awkward one-size-fits-all

❌ Cheap insoles wear down quicker due to poor materials

❌ Effective insoles are overpriced

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try them. Wear them. Even cut them down to your shoe size. If you’re not satisfied, you have 90 days to claim a full refund by returning them to our charity partner.

But with our 1% return rate, we’re guessing that’s unlikely…

This offer is time sensitive and only available for next few minutes

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